AEO-F certified Customs broker

Belgium’s Customs Solutions by OSL Group

In the heart of Europe, Belgium serves as a crucial trade nexus, and OSL Group stands ready to assist businesses with their import and export needs. Our broad range of services, including ocean freight, air freight, road, and rail transportation, ensures seamless business operations across Belgium’s strategic landscape.

The intricacies of Belgian Customs regulations require expert navigation to avoid penalties and excessive duty charges. As an AEO-F certified Customs broker, OSL Group is your ally in this arena. Our experienced team excels in handling all Customs formalities, ensuring the smooth transit of your goods through Belgian ports and borders.

Our expertise is particularly evident in our management of chocolate and confectionery goods through the Port of Antwerp, one of Europe’s largest ports, which highlights our capacity to meet the specific Customs needs of Belgium’s renowned food and beverage sector.

Engaging OSL Group means opting for a partner dedicated to proactive service, swift resolutions, and transparent communication with both clients and Customs officials. Trust in OSL Group for reliable and efficient Customs brokerage services in Belgium, ensuring your trade flows are optimized and compliant.

Why choose us?

Global Trade solutions in Belgium

OSL Group offers a comprehensive suite of customs clearance and logistics services, designed to streamline and simplify your international trade activities in Belgium.

Our committed team is always at your service, providing unmatched assistance to ensure your goods cross borders without any hitches. We are rigorously attentive to compliance with all pertinent regulations, allowing you to concentrate on your business while we expertly navigate the intricacies of customs.

Rely on OSL Group for your Customs broker requirements in Belgium – our extensive experience and proficiency ensure the smooth progression of your goods.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and tailored solutions to help your business thrive. Let’s work together to make your international trade experience seamless and hassle-free. Reach out to us today!

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