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IATA Certified Airfreight Services

Navigating the complexities of airfreight can be challenging, given the stringent aviation laws and customs procedures. However, as an IATA certified company, The OSL Group is proficient in simplifying this process for you.

We offer comprehensive global airfreight solutions, guaranteeing strict compliance with all aviation laws and airline carriage conditions. The OSL Group is not limited to the Netherlands; we efficiently manage your airfreight from any corner of the world to any destination.

Why choose us?

Sky-High Standards

At The OSL Group, our focus is to provide a seamless, global airfreight solution. Leveraging our extensive knowledge, we ensure your airfreight adheres to the latest international standards and regulations. Our experienced team excels in managing heavy-lift cargo, ensuring your items are handled with utmost care.

We uphold a commitment to careful planning, assuring your products reach their destinations on time, no matter where in the world they’re shipped from or to. Choose The OSL Group for dependable and professional airfreight services, where your goods’ safety and punctuality remain our top priority.

At The OSL Group, we offer a door-to-door airfreight service, taking care of the entire transportation process, whether it begins in the Netherlands or any other location globally. Interested in learning more about our comprehensive airfreight services?

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