storage up to 12.000m²

Rotterdam warehousing Solutions

The OSL Group offers specialized warehousing solutions strategically located in the Botlek area of the bustling Port of Rotterdam. Our state-of-the-art bonded warehouse boasts an expansive area of 12,000 square meters, ideally positioned to serve your logistics needs.

If you require a secure location for long-term storage of your goods, our Botlek facility is perfectly equipped to meet your demands. Tailored to handle a diverse range of products, our warehouse space is available for rent and is specifically designed to support the unique requirements of businesses operating in and through Rotterdam.

Our services, however, extend beyond mere storage. We provide comprehensive management of customs formalities, ensuring that your goods move seamlessly in and out of storage. Secure distribution and efficient transshipment are also part of our offerings, facilitated by our professional team. You can trust that your goods are stored safely and managed proficiently in our AEO-certified warehouse in Rotterdam’s Botlek area.

Why choose us?

Expert warehousing services in Rotterdam’s Botlek Area

The OSL Group offers premier warehousing facilities in the Botlek area of Rotterdam, Netherlands, perfectly crafted to accommodate goods awaiting shipment. Our expansive facilities span up to 12,000 square meters, equipped to manage any storage challenge, including oversized items.

Our expertise extends well beyond simple storage solutions. We provide comprehensive services, including handling all necessary customs paperwork, coordinating the distribution and shipment of your products, and conducting meticulous pre-transport quality control checks.

At The OSL Group, we provide more than just space; we deliver a complete suite of warehousing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Entrust your storage requirements to us and experience the peace of mind that comes from partnering with a reliable and experienced logistics provider.

Our warehousing in the Netherlands is AEO-certified. This means that we are in close contact with customs authorities. This way, you are assured of safe storage of your goods that complies with the rules and legislations. Would you like to receive more information about the warehouses which are available for rent?

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