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Enhancing Belgium’s e-commerce logistics

In the heart of Europe, Belgium’s e-commerce sector thrives, and The OSL Group is here to streamline your B2B and B2C e-commerce logistics. Our extensive network of international agents ensures that your operations are seamless, connecting you with global markets efficiently.

Belgium, home to e-commerce platforms like Bol.com and Coolblue, requires a nuanced logistics approach. Our team specializes in every aspect of e-commerce logistics, from the secure storage of your products in our strategically placed Belgian warehouses to their detailed preparation for shipment.

OSL Group: Your B2B and B2C Solution

Our services tailored for Belgium include:

  • Advanced warehousing solutions, ensuring your e-commerce products are securely stored within Belgium’s key logistic nodes for quick access to European markets.
  • Expertise in Belgian customs procedures, vital for a smooth transition of goods in and out of the country, keeping your operations compliant and efficient.
  • Comprehensive transport logistics, utilizing Belgium’s robust infrastructure for effective distribution, including optimized airfreight for urgent deliveries.
  • Stringent quality checks, aligning with Belgium’s high consumer standards to maintain the integrity and appeal of your products.

Partner with The OSL Group for your e-commerce logistics needs in Belgium, where our dedication to precision and efficiency ensures your e-commerce venture’s success from warehousing to the final delivery.

With The OSL Group, you only need one provider to arrange all the activities regarding the shipment of your e-commerce products for the B2B and B2C market. We can facilitate your Fulfilled by Amazon activities. In close co-operation with our partners, your product will be delivered to your customers safely and on time.

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